About the Forum

Why You Can’t Miss This Event

The uncertainty of stable government funding, aging stock and growing need for affordable housing means housing organizations must transform how they do business in order to thrive. But where do you start? And how do you encourage decision-makers and staff to re-think their approach to their social mission?

Our last two forums featured international speakers who sparked ideas and shared examples of how other jurisdictions have tackled similar issues our sector is facing. Defining a New Future will be primarily Canadian in focus, showcasing examples of innovative initiatives and social entrepreneurship that have been implemented right here at home, with great success. The forum will also feature a series of practical workshops that will demonstrate the strategies and tools that you can adopt to make meaningful changes in your own community. Given the changing social and political vision for housing, the forum will conclude with a “Call to Action” by bringing together industry-leaders from across Canada to participate in a dialogue on what we can do now to shape the future landscape of housing across the country.

At the Regeneration Forum, you will have the opportunity to:

  • EXPLORE new ideas on how to generate and access alternative sources of financing to help your organization become more self-sustaining
  • LEARN how you can make changes to your business and financial model to run a more efficient and sustainable organization
  • FIND the best strategies to help manage and grow your organization’s assets
  • NETWORK with your peers and develop mutually beneficial partnerships across the housing sector — from current and future leaders to those on the front lines who plan, finance and influence change from the ground up

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