What Can I Expect?

This year’s forum consists of four plenary sessions featuring inspiring thought-leaders from Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.

You will then have the opportunity to take a deeper dive into the areas that interest you most with 18 sessions in three different learning streams. These sessions will look at how organizations across the country are using innovation and creativity to meet their present and future challenges as well as identify and pursue new opportunities.




This stream is for anyone involved in planning, financing or spearheading new affordable housing development projects and asset leveraging. The workshops will delve into various areas of financing, such as raising new capital for renewal projects or new builds, viable funding models, and opportunities for leveraging existing assets through partnerships with like-minded community organizations or social impact investors.

Organizational Transformation

This stream explores the ways in which housing organizations have evolved and adopted new approaches to the social and business delivery of housing. Housing providers, government agencies and others engaged in oversight, management and financial support for housing and new affordable housing will gain valuable insights into how they can change or tweak their traditional business models to create efficiencies and achieve economies of scale.


This stream will urge attendants to be bold, think big and examine how the sector can shift to a more business-focused, commercial model that supports your social goals. The workshops will showcase practical entrepreneurial approaches used in the Canadian housing sector to develop new sources of revenue. You will learn the strategies that have allowed housing organizations to take on more risk and expand into new areas of business.



The 2016 Regeneration forum will offer various opportunities for you to network and connect with your peers. This includes an evening reception and a boutique tradeshow featuring suppliers and partners to the social and affordable housing sector.