What Can I Expect?

The 2019 Regeneration Forum will feature several key plenary sessions with thought leaders from the affordable housing sector that will provoke new thinking with respect to ways of transforming assets and delivering housing in a changing operating environment. The two-day event is structured to include one Technical Learning Day where participants have the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and engage in a dialogue about the technical aspects of development; and an Innovation Day that will showcase unique examples, and share lessons from housing industry leaders to inspire new ideas.

The forum will also have a variety of workshop sessions within three streams that will address the many pieces of the development puzzle and the various stages organizations may be on the development roadmap.

Learning Streams

We’ve categorized our sessions into three process streams that support development and regeneration:


Topics covered in this stream are intended to provide you with the tools to move from concept to action. You will learn how to analyze the true potential of the housing stock you already have, for example, should you build new, renew or dispose? Workshops will also walk you through processes with respect to relocation and social regeneration.


This stream is geared towards addressing good building design and principles for long-term operational efficiencies, flexibility, adaptability, accessibility requirements and energy standards.


Sessions in this stream will focus on various implementation mechanics from the pre-development to development phases. This includes creating the vision, structuring the appropriate corporate vehicles to support development, selecting financing options, addressing pre-construction issues, establishing partnerships and operationalizing your plan.

Planning Your Forum Experience

When planning your forum experience, you can select workshops from any of the three streams. You might choose to focus on one learning stream for the two days or explore the different subject-areas most relevant to your organization or personal interests.

Sessions will cover a wide variety of topics, such as financing options, feasibility assessments, methods and approaches used to review assets, creating a business and development plan, considering design guidelines and principles, structuring the right partnerships, and the tenant and community engagement process.

Networking Opportunities

The 2019 Regeneration forum will offer various opportunities for you to network and connect with your peers. This includes an evening reception and a boutique tradeshow featuring suppliers and partners to the social and affordable housing sector.